Introducing Jeremiah Cartoons
All New Again 4 You!!!

Here’s the place where you can find the complete anthology of “The Adventures of Jeremiah” comic strips. These characters have been teenagers for 20 years now, humorously trying to live out their Christian faith in ways we can all relate.!!!.

You can read some of Ron Wheeler’s best strips collected by topic and later published in book form. You can also enjoy 600 of Ron’s earliest full-page strips brought out from the archives and made available for the first time to a new audience. And here you can also read hundreds of Ron’s Jeremiah strips in glorious color, which you can purchase for print, PowerPoint, or website use. 
For a small fee you can download any number of collections of these strips to take with you and use for your own enjoyment or for ministry purposes. These strips are humorous, and very readable for a broad audience. Aside from their entertainment value, they are also great studies in Christian character, and how God is continually molding us into the image of His Son.
For a little history, Ron wrote this strip for a weekly high school Sunday School take-home denominational publication. The strip lasted for 20 years. It ended when the publication finally folded. Surveys showed it was easily the most popular feature in the magazine. Whereas Jeremiah is no longer being used for its original purpose now, the truths written about are timeless and can still be enjoyed by and ministered to the current generation.